Hug Em and Cut'em Tree Service  


Tree trimming and tree removal services can have many unique challenges. Issues range from accessibility, wires and electrical lines, detail to neighboring properties and precise control of falling debris and clean-up. 

Hug’Em and Cut’Em Tree Service is an expert in these special circumstances with many years of professional experience. 

We take great pride in our problem-solving abilities when it comes to tree pruning and removal. 

We believe in saving trees, but sometimes, as in the case of dead or hazardous trees, circumstances may warrant tree removal. 

Our arborist will suggest an alternative to removal if there is a viable option available.

Shaping the trees surrounding your property removing branches that are deteriorating the health of the tree keeping it healthy and strong.

Tree pruning is essential for a safe outdoor space.

 Arborists target branches that could compromise the tree’s structure as it grows, eliminating safety concerns before they arise.

Pruning from a professional is also used to make a tree grow a certain way. 

If you want to improve the look of a tree or of your entire outdoor space, tree pruning can naturally achieve your design goals.