Hug'em and Cut'em Tree Service 


ISA Certified Arborist

Owner Tim Pouncey leads the team with extensive experience as a certified arborist proudly serving Baldwin County Alabama. 

Residential and commercial customers depend on us for complete tree service. 

Hug'em and Cut'em Tree Service was established by ISA-certified arborist Allie T. Pouncey.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to meet your tree care needs with complete honesty, integrity, and dependability.

You will find our staff of certified arborists and equipment to be the finest and most efficient in the industry.

We accomplish even the most difficult tasks

The health and appearance of trees are most affected by the person with the pruning saw. 

Proper planting, pruning and care of a new tree can lead to a structurally strong and healthy tree for many years.

Improper care can drastically shorten the life of a tree and waste the money and time invested in raising it to maturity.

A qualified professional will perform tree work properly and safely, but an unqualified person may further damage the tree, 

and more importantly may not be insured, leaving the liability burden to the client.

Thank You For Choosing Hug'em and Cut'em Tree Service

Allie T. Pouncey Owner

United States Military Combat Veteran Iraq War

Nine Generations of Baldwin County Heritage

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